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Welcome to 5th grade! I look forward to an exciting year filled with exploration, discovery and learning. I will post daily homework assignments below along with some helpful documents. However, each student is still responsible for writing down their homework in their planners. Students will visit the library once a week and will use the computers on wheels (COWS) throughout the year.

If you have questions, please e-mail ( or call (414.2584). I don't check the wiki discussions each day, and I may not see your message for several days!

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Daily Assignments

Spelling: Min root word sheet and quiz - February 27
Mater/Pater root word sheet and quiz - March 6
Jet/Ject root word sheet and quiz - March 13

Reading: Non-Fiction Bookshares due March 26


Social Studies:

1.) Spring Class/Individual Pictures- Wednesday, March 11th -Students may start bringing in class order and background selection forms as early as tomorrow, Monday, March 9th to their homeroom teacher.

  • Please send in the class picture order form if you are interested in ordering a class picture for your child
  • Please return completed Background Selection form for the individual pictures
  • The proofs for the individual pictures will go home later this spring. You will be able to decide if you would like to order individual pictures at that time.

2.) Healthy Choices Coffee Talk (for any interested parents) Thursday, March 12th 8:00-8:45 a.m. Faulkner Hall

Helpful Documents

Non-Fiction Bookshare*Due March 26-27* Students will select a non-fiction book with at least 40 pages.* Students will complete a written report (1-page front) - a summary of their book* Students will present their book orally on the day the presentation is due.*For the visual aid, students will create a poster board or tri-fold. The visual aid should include at least 7 facts about the topic, 3 new vocabulary words related to the topic, a student created text feature, their opinion and anything else they believe important.

Helpful Links:

On the trail of John Smith

Here is the website to edit pictures:

Click Here:
50 States and Capitals Song

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