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Welcome to 5th grade! I look forward to an exciting year filled with exploration, discovery and learning. I will post daily homework assignments below along with some helpful documents. However, each student is still responsible for writing down their homework in their planners. Students will visit the library once a week and will use the computers on wheels (COWS) throughout the year.

If you have questions, please e-mail ( or call (414.2584). I don't check the wiki discussions each day, and I may not see your message for several days!

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Daily Assignments

Spelling:5th grade word list 3 - activities and quiz - Friday

Reading:Long Walk to Water project (Thursday 4/24 - if not finished in class)
Bookshare - May 1


Homeroom: Please return report card envelopes ASAP.

Final Bookshare - Due May 1 & 2

-Students may select any fiction book.
-Student do need to prepare a visual aid, but they have a free choice as to the type of visual aid. Any project completed this year is OK to do again. If students have a new idea, please run the idea by Mrs. Green to verify it is OK.
-There is no written report!
-Students will give an oral presentation of their book and visual aid.

Helpful Documents

Here is the website to edit pictures:

Looking for something to read? Check out these lists!